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Survey Says Women Shoppers Avoiding OTC Drugs for Natural Alternatives

A survey conducted by the Hartman Group on behalf of Boiron, a homeopathic medicine manufacturer, has found that 82% of women shoppers ages 25-70 avoid over the counter (OTC) drugs for headaches and influenza (and similar problems) as often as possible.  These women believe that these OTC drugs are not good for them and instead look for natural, alternative options.

The survey was done online and included 1,400 women in the U.S.  The participants also believe that the purity and healthfulness of medicines is very important (42%) and 31% said they pay close attention to chemical and irritation-causing content when choosing OTC medications.

Most had not, however, used a recognized homeopathic remedy (only 15%) and about the same number (14%) had given homeopathic remedies to their children in the past year.  Most responded that they did not know enough about homeopathy to consider it.

Critics will point out that the survey was conducted by a homeopathic medicine maker, so it’s “biased.”  Well, the majority of surveys done for OTC and mainstream medicine are the same way, usually paid for by a pharmaceutical or drug maker.

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