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Common Weed May Prevent Lung Cancer in Smokers

from Gaia-Health

Lung cancer is particularly virulent and noted as having one of the poorest outcomes. Two recent scientific studies, though, have shown that Polygala senega may be able to prevent the disease or limit its virulence.

Polygala senega  is a common and easy to grow weed that is occasionally grown domestically. It carries several common names, including snakeroot, seneca (for the Seneca indians, from whom the name is derived), sneka, milkwort, mountain flax, and rattlesnake root. It’s a perennial in all but the coldest climates—and seeds can be purchased readily from internet sources.

The Studies

The two studies were done by a team in the Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology Laboratory in the Department of Zoology of the University of Kalyani in India. The lead author, Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh, thanks Boiron Laboratories of France for grants to produce the studies. (Please note that these were not experiments in homeopathy and Boiron did not supply materials.)

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