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Psych drug doctors now pushing to add lithium to drinking water

by Ethan A Huff, NaturalNews

Chlorine, fluoride, and the various other chemical poisons already added to the nation’s drinking water supplies are apparently not enough for the self-appointed experts whose insatiable lust to force-medicate the world is never satisfied. A recent report inThe Dailyoffers credence to the insane notion that adding lithium, a drug currently used to treat mental disorders, to drinking water will be beneficial in helping to reduce suicide and violent crime rates.

Much likefluoride, lithium alters the brain’s normal production of serotonin and norepinephrine, which in turn artificially alters the way an individual thinks and how he or she feels about a given situation. Lithium is literally a mind-altering, antidepressant chemical substance that those promoting it openly admit modifiesbrainfunction. And yet they purport that forcibly inducing these chemicalchangeson the unwitting populations of the world is a good and acceptable idea.

“Lithium certainly dampens impulsivity, which would explain how it reducessuiciderates,” said Dr. Allan Young, a psychiatry professor at Imperial College London and big time promoter of lithium-lacedwater, toThe Daily. “When you change these resilience factors inthe brain, you see other changes too. People are less timid and shy, for example.”

And in the same conversation with that reporter, Young humorously wonders with seemingly insidious arrogance why he has received slews of angry letters from the concerned public about his proposal to mass-medicate the world with this new type ofdrug. Could it be, Dr. Young, thatpeoplewould rather think for themselves without having self-appointed “experts” like yourself superciliously play the role of God by deciding for others what they should and should not consume of their own free will?

In his push to begin poisoningwater supplieswith lithium, Young also cites Americans having been easily swayed to accept genetically-modified (GM) foods as a reason why the US is a “likely candidate for early implementation” of lithium-laced water. He and others are openly pushing to getlithiumin the water as soon as possible in order to, asThe Dailyputs it, “cultivate a more serene social order.”

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